Intel Atom E660T

$64.00 Released September, 2010

Product Shot 1The Atom E660T from Intel is a low-end CPU. It is similar to another Intel CPU from the Atom E600 line, the Atom E620T. Both CPUs can utilize Intel Virtualization technology, and both can support up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM.

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However, the Atom E660T has a higher clockspeed than the Atom E620T (1.3GHz versus 600MHz). The Atom E660T features integrated Intel graphics, which eliminate the need for a graphics card. By processing visual data in the CPU itself, the user doesn't need to spend extra money on a GPU, or take the time and difficulty to install it. It also features Intel Hyper-threading technology, which increases system efficiency. It does this by adding an extra, parallel thread to the CPU to run alongside it, allowing data to be processed faster and more efficiently. As well as these, it also features Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology, which conserves energy while maintaining high performance. It achieves this by switching between high and low voltage and frequency, in accordance to the demands of the CPU.


  •  Intel Virtualization technology
  • Supports up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM
  • 1.3GHz clockspeed
  • Integrated Intel graphics
  • Intel Hyper-threading technology
  • Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology
  • Available in halogen-free version
  • One memory channel
  • 512KB L2 cache
  • One memory channel

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