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AMD Athlon X2

Released August, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Less expensive than Intel's counterparts. Low power consumption. Good choice to match for a value system with AM2 motherboard; can be upgraded later to AMD Phenom.

The Cons:939 models with no DDR2. Lower Brands sport Same chip, lower clock. Relatively low performance.

The AMD Athlon X2 is AMD's dual core processor. Built with the same 65nm technology its triple and quadruple cores are, AMD has had relative success in the dual core market. While no longer competitive with Intel's 45nm 8000 series, the price:performance ratio of many of AMD's dual core chips is undeniable.

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Product Shot 2 With many offerings within the line, AMD has something to offer in every niche segment of the market. They produce cool & quiet energy efficient chips (designated by an E appended to the end of the model), mainstream chips and enthusiast chips (designated by the "black edition" open multiplier) for those interested in attaining higher performance for gaming and the like.

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    Less expensive than Intel's counterparts

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    Low power consumption

  • 6

    Good choice to match for a value system with AM2 motherboard; can be upgraded later to AMD Phenom

  • 5

    Dual-core CPU

  • 4

    Cheap upgrading to next generation CPUs (Phenom/Phenom II on same socket)

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    Can be undervoltaged significantly without stability loss

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    Good overclocking abilities

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    Runs relatively cool.

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    Black Editions with unlocked multiplier

  • 1

    939 models with no DDR2

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    Lower Brands sport Same chip, lower clock

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    Relatively low performance

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    Overclocking difficult on lower end products

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    Price/performance beat out by Intel

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